Travel TIPS for Vietnam: How to Avoid Getting Scammed in Vietnam

There are good people out there in Vietnam but just as much as there are good people in the world there are just as much as bad people too. Here are five ways to avoid getting scammed in Vietnam.


The reality is once you step off the plane and you want to go to your destination you will need a taxi. There are only two taxi companies you should trust and that is Milan and Venus-Sun. Those are the two core taxi groups you should only vet because the reality is the government does not regulate taxi companies and there’s a high likelihood of them seeing you as a foreigner and charge you double the price. For example, instead of paying 100,000 Vietnam dong which is about $5, they could charge you up 200,000 to get to your destination. If you see them going around loops or taking longer destinations, then you might want to call them out on it or they will take advantage of you.

Foreign Price

In Vietnam, they have what they call “foreign price”. Once they see you in local markets or shopping places as a tourist they will charge you a ridiculously high amount. The good thing about being in Vietnam is that you can bargain. So you can keep lowering the price until you get to a reasonable price.

Coconut Scams

The coconuts scam is when a guy carrying a bamboo stick with two weight can coconuts approaches you to try to set you up in a trap. He will allow you to carry the bamboo stick with the coconuts and then suddenly you see him cut coconut and give it to you and now he’s pretty much forcing you to pay for it. So try as much as you can to avoid these people.

Beware of Eating Street Food

When in Vietnam you might want to try their cuisine but it is important to know that Vietnam doesn’t have things like FDA or like government regulation on food products. So the chances of you getting food poisoning or your stomach are very high when you take street food. So beware of eating street food especially. I recommend bringing lots of stomach pain medication and be aware of what you are eating because you might need to make trips a lot to the washroom.

Petty Theft

Petty theft is pretty high in Vietnam so be aware of your belongings don’t have your backpack behind you especially if you are in a crowded place. Put it in front of you or you can get an anti-theft backpack.

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Three Mistakes That You Should Never Make When Traveling

A lot of people who run their own travel blogs always write about places to visit and things to do in those places. We are pretty sure that we didn’t even have to point this out, since you have probably already noticed it by now. After all, it is pretty much impossible not to notice – especially if you are the type of person that is almost always on the road. All you have to do is type the name of the place that you would like to visit into your favorite online search engine, and a lot of information regarding that place will be visible to you in less than second. That being said, we are going to do something a little bit different now.

Instead of writing about where to go and what to do once you get there, we are going to tell you about some mistakes that you should never do when traveling. This is very important because there are many people out there who make some seemingly small mistakes that actually end up costing them a significant amount of their time, as well as a significant amount of their money. It is very simple to tell someone what they need to do when traveling, but it is pretty easy to forget to tell them what they should not do, even though it is just as important as telling them what to do. With that said, here are top three mistakes that you should never make when traveling!

Three Mistakes That You Should Never Make When Traveling

Not Using Travel Insurance

When it comes to planning a road trip, not applying for some sort of travel insurance is one of the worst mistakes that you can possibly make. That is because there is a lot of things that could go wrong once you hit the road, and a good travel insurance can get you out of a whole lot of uncomfortable situations. So, make sure to get yourself a good travel insurance before hitting the road.

Exchanging Money At Airports

Exchanging money at airports is never a good idea. The reason why is because exchanging money at an airport could get you in trouble with some pretty high exchange rates. That being said, make sure to never exchange your money at airports.

Using a Bank Card With Fees

Make sure to never use a bank card with fees when traveling. Transactions in foreign countries can be pretty nasty sometimes. So, make sure to always use a bank card with no transaction fees.

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How to save your money while traveling?

Whenever you decide to travel, the first thing that needs to be checked is your budget. If you have enough money with you, you can make a plan for the trip. In order to adjust your trip, you can check the charges of flight and accommodation from home. You can also go to the traveling agent to get some advice.

Nowadays, internet is reducing the distances and minimizing the problems of the people. If you are planning to move then you must check the cheap priced accommodations available there. Online traveling and accommodation booking sites are very popular nowadays only because of the need of the people and the world wide travelers and holidays makers.

Nowadays, the traveling services has also increased the customers experience by providing detailed instructions to their customers. For an example, they are able to select the time and the date of vacation, the destination, routes, stops, hotels to stay and many others. The only thing that you should consider is that, you must go and choose the right website to take the services. The online traveling and accommodation services provide you the facility to choose the best type of services for you that are in your budget.

Another important way by which you can save your money is to use the cash rather than credit card. The currency conversion will not cost you too much as you pay through credit card, but you will definitely save your money. You can save the credit card at the time when you have no cash with you or other emergency cases.

Saving money is not that difficult. Some accommodations and the hotel management services provide you the food facility along with the hotel stay. This saves your money from purchasing something extra from outside restaurants. In addition to this, you must not buy all those products that are available in your country. These gifts will not be good for the people. In order to give best gifts to the people, you must check the culture of others country and then purchase their traditional things. These things will amuse your loved ones waiting for you in your homeland.

Saving money is not a cheap thing, but you can get your things organized and you can spend more days in the new place with the same amount of budget you have. So check for the online means for everything you want. You will definitely get best results.

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Why should you travel around the world?

Usually the people who love to stick to one place ask the question that why should we travel? Does it have any benefit? According to them, traveling is just a waste of the time and money and energy also. Here, we are discussing the real benefits that will solve your question of why should you travel around the world?

  • Traveling gives you different experiences before, after and during the traveling time. It is up to the traveler about how he feels about the traveling time and the duration. Before traveling, you can be excited about the learning the new things and packing your luggage and all that. During your traveling time, you enjoy your besties time while creating new memories together.
  • It makes you happy and you rethink about traveling with the people you never traveled before. The traveling experience will be doubled, if you are planning to go to the place with the person you have never visited that place.
  • No doubt, traveling always has a positive impact on the health. This is something the owners of an Edmonton flat roofing company like to live by. For an example, if you are not feeling well then you must go for the hilly areas, you will definitely feel better. There is always fresh and contamination free air for the people that is safe and healthy for life.
  • Travelling brings changes in the person. For an example, it makes your regular, punctuated and organized. You can also adopt all these changes permanently be rearrange the trip.
  • Travelling around the world tell you more about the reality of the world. It gives you can idea, how beautiful is the World and you are not exploring it. You can even find out the realities and the purposes of the things that why these things have been created. To some extent, you don’t get an idea about the things when you go there, but when you stay there for some time and explore new things, you can easily get amazing facts about that.
  • You can be more creative in work if you travel after 6 months or so. It makes your mind fresh and active to work more and more for your future. You can even share your traveling stories to other and share your experiences with those who are planning to travel.
  • Every traveling experience gives you a lesson that you can avoid in next trip. So, no matter where you go try to absorb as much as you can.

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Things to do in Paris for tourists

Paris has always been a source of attraction for the people. Many people from all over the world come to Paris and enjoy the most beautiful scenes ever. The most important and the famous things in the Paris is the history, culture and arts. The most important things that you should visit in Paris include the museum, art galleries and many other things. History of Paris shows that it has many master pieces of arts to amuse the people.

Eiffel Tower is also known as the romantic place for couples because of the Eiffel Tower. Many trip advisors are available there to guide you, if you are planning to visit the place. Some travel agencies help you to plan your trip within the budget. They will not only arrange your ticket and visa, but also help you to manage your accommodation before you reach to the airport. The only thing is that you have to pay for all the services. Cimitière du Père Lachaise is the most haunting place in Paris that gives an adventure to the people who are fond of experiencing new things. Don’t forget to include it in your package.

Food and beverages in Paris vary because people from different regions of the world go there and enjoy. On the basis of different class, styled and cultured people visiting there, the residents offer multiple types of food to the tourists and amuse them well. It is up to the requirements of the tourists that what type of taste they like.

There are many parks, cafes and bars that have been especially designed for the tourist. The place is the best one for the newly married couples. The couples enjoy their after wedding days there and get some time to understand each other.

Arènes de Lutèce is the heritage of Paris and it is located in the Latin Quarter. Nowadays, it is well known for the sports purpose. Most of the places are located nearby the tourist’s hotels and other accommodations. So it is not any kind of problem to locate them. Still, if you are facing any problem in getting to the point then you can use your internet services to get the information. Don’t forget to change your currency before leaving for Paris because you have much more to do there, but the amount of money and the number of days can be limited.

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